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Trinidad Guest Houses, Trinidad Accomodations, Trinidad Hotels

Please note that www.karensolomon.org is currently not affiliated with nor do I handle guesthouse reservations/accommodations; please contact the establishment yourself for reservations. Secondly some of the places have websites which are on the internet.

Guest House

Contact Address

A Visit To TnT Inn

7 Anderson Street
St. James, Port of Spain

Alfredo Guest House

60 Alfredo Street
Woodbrook, Port of Spain
Tel: 338-3658

Admiral's Inn Guest Houses

34 Norfolk Street & Queens Park East
Belmont, Port of Spain
Tel1: 621-3670
Tel2: 621-3529
Tel3: 621-3692

Airport View Guesthouse

St. Helena Village
Tel: 669-4186

Alicia's Guest House

7 Cobentz Gardens
St. Anns, Port of Spain
Tel1: 623-2802
Tel2: 624-8651
Fax: 623-8560

Almond Brook Accommodation

Tel: 320-6995

Azees Co. Guesthouse

Grand Lagoon
Tel: 630-9140
Fax: 630-4619

Beach Boys Guest House and Bar

Los Iros

Blanchisseuse Laguna Mar Beach Hotel

Zolina Highway
Maraval, Port of Spain
Tel: 628-3731
Fax: 628-3737

Brahmabhuta Guest House

5 Waterbridge Road, Blue Range
Diego Martin
Tel1: 632-0751
Tel2: 768-9897
Fax: 632-0751

Calypso Inn

Calypso Road
Tel: 668-2389
Fax: 668-5116

Campus Villas

Mahamdoo Trail
St. Augustine
Tel: 663-6902

Capri Isle

6 Rust Street
St. Clair, Port of Spain
Tel: 622-7359

Cardrew Business Services Ltd.

20 Kelly Kennedy Street
Woodbrook, Port of Spain
Tel: 622-3907

Caribbean Tourist Villa

#7 Methuen Road
Tel1: 627-5423
Tel2: 623-9164
Fax: 624-6702

Carnetta's House & Inn

99 Saddle Road
Maraval, Port of Spain
Tel: 628-2732
Tel: 628-7717

Cedar Ridge Towers

56 Third Street
Maraval, Port of Spain
Tel: 628-6526

Chateau Guillaumme Comfort Zone Bed & Breakfast

3 Rawle Circular
Tel: 667-6670
Fax: 667-4339

Chez Val Guesthouse

West Moorings Boulevard
Tel: 320-6995

Cinnamon Court

148 Clifton Hill
Point Fortin
Tel: 648-0752

118 Cinnamon Drive
Point Fortin
Tel: 648-2349

Coco House Bed and Breakfast

Morne Coco Road
Four Roads, Diego Martin
Tel: 320-6995

Coco Pod Bed And Breakfast

Tel: 320-6995

Crosswinds Villa

Santa Cruz Valley
Santa Cruz
Tel: 676-1840

Crystal Stream Hotel

Golden Grove Road
Tel: 642-4310

D Islands Inn

7 Anderson Street
St. James, Port of Spain

Diego Martin

Saint Lucian Road
Diego Martin
Tel: 320-6995

Diego Martin Pan Institute Guesthouse

75 Benjamin Street
Diego Martin
Tel: 637-4102

Dougie's Hotel

61 Southern Main Road
Tel: 677-5114

Dream Resorts

Tel: 637-5506
Fax: 1-617-555-1212

Esterel Hotel

Cumana, Toco
Tel: 670-4767
Fax: 662-4084

Evelyn Villa

15 Jerningham Avenue
Belmont, Port of Spain
Tel: 623-2367

Fabiennes Guest House

15 Belle Smythe Street
Woodbrook, Port of Spain
Tel: 622-2773

Forty Winks Inn Guest Houese

24 Warner Street
Newtown, Port of Spain
Tel: 622-0484
Fax: 628-0316

Francis Townhomes Exclusive

57 Ramsaran Street
Tel: 665-5060

Gabby's Villa

81 Freeport Todds Road
Tel1: 673-4520
Tel2: 394-7908

Gascon Villas Bed and Breakfast

#17 Satar Street
Aranguez, San Juan
Tel: 350-0185

Halyconia Inn

7 First Avenue
Cascade, Port of Spain
Tel: 623-0008

Harry's Guesthouse

Baywatch Boulevard
Tel: 652-2038

Hillcrest Haven

7a Hillcrest Avenue
Cascade, Port of Spain
Tel: 624-1344

Hosanna Hotel

Santa Margarita Circular
St. Augustine
Tel: 662-5449
Fax: 662-5451

J and J Big Yard

23 3/4 Mile Pole
Cumana Main Road
Tell: 670-2117
Tel2: 373-8441

Jenny’s Apartments

80 Cleaver Road
Tel: 762-2962

Jireh Inns

109 Long Circular Road
Tel: 628-2337
Fax: 632-0086

Joe’s Guesthouse

Joe’s Guesthouse

8 Holder Drive West Vale Park
La Horquette, Glencoe
Diego Martin
Tel: 632-1349

John's Place

Norfolk Street
Tel: 320-6995

Johnson's Bed & Breakfast

16 Buller Street
Woodbrook, Port of Spain
Tel: 628-7553
Fax: 628-7553

Kiskadee Korner

9 Rapsey Street
St. Clair
Tel: 760-8677

Korner Pocket Guest House

Cor. Old & New Golden Grove Roads
Tel: 692-5773

La Calypso

46 French Street
Woodbrook, Port of Spain
Tel: 622-4077
Fax: 628-6895

La Maison Rustique

16 Rust Street
St. Clair, Port of Spain
Tel: 622-1512

La Trinity

Diego Martin
Tel: 776-5097

Las Cuevas Guesthouse

Las Cuevas
Tel: 320-6995

Lawrence's Place

Pelham Street
Tel: 320-6995

Lucknow Place

19 Lucknow Street
St. James
Tel: 628-8669
Fax: 624-1244

McEachnie's Haven

cor. Bristol & Thomas Streets
Grande Riviere, Toco
Tel: 670-1014

Maison Mariedor

Tel1: 633-4619
Tel2: 684-5560

Maraval Guesthouse

Perseverance Road
Tel: 320-6995

Melbourne Inn

7 French Street Street
Woodbrook, Port of Spain
Tel/Fax: 623-4006

Monique's Guest House

114-116 Saddle Road
Maraval, Port of Spain
Tel1: 628-3334
Tel2: 628-2351
Tel3: 628-5511
Fax: 622-3232

Motown Guest House

64 Picton Street
Tel: 628-3828

Muriels Guesthouse

8 O'Connor Street
Woodbrook, Port of Spain
Tel: 624-9541

Nemoy Guesthouse

22 Gallus Street
Woodbrook, Port of Spain
Tel: 623-4133
Fax: 625-8442
Cell: 787-7584

Noella's Place

Port of Spain
Tel: 320-6995


2 Aruac Road
Tel: 645-9746

Par-May-La's Inn1

53 Picton Street
Newtown, Port of Spain
Tel: 628-2008
Fax: 628-4707

Patricia's Guest House

2 Fisher Avenue
St Ann's

Pavilion Inn

149 Tragarete Road
Port of Spain
Tel: 633-8167
Fax: 622-1808

Pax Guest House - Mt St. Benedict

Mt St. Benedict
Tel: 662-4084
Fax: 662-4084

Pelican Inn

2-4 Coblentz Avenue
Cascade, Port of Spain
Tel: 627-6271
Fax: 627-6271

Picton Court Apartment

2 Ana Street
Tel: 625-6260

Picton Court Apartment
Picton Court

109 Woodford Street
Woodbrook, Port of Spain
Tel/Fax: 637-9770
Cell: 680-1468

Piniwood Gardens

Petit Valley
Tel1: 684-3519
Tel2: 632-2907

Ramona Beach House

Gill Road
Tel: 630-4135

R.A.S.H. Guest House

Gould Street & Church Road
Tel: 630-7274
Fax: 656-0193

Robert's Place

Saddle Road
Tel: 320-6995

Rockfall Executive Suites1

10, 8th Street
Tel: 674-5015 ext 208

Royal Hotel

46-54 Royal Road
Mon-Repos, San Fernando
Tel: 652-4881
Fax: 628-6042

S&D Guest House

4 La Puerta Court
La Puerta Avenue
Diego Martin
Tel1: 684-2494
Tel2: 385-7731
Tel3: 632-3983

Sadila House

Waterpipe Road
Five Rivers, Arouca
Tel: 640-3659
Fax: 640-1376

Sam's Guesthouse

5 Alberto Street
Tel: 627-4865

Samise Villa

St. Ann’s Road
St. Anns
Tel1: 682-9589
Tel2: 369-3836

Shalom Guesthouse

Pole #76B Ariapita Road
Tel1: 727-2186 (Ena)
Tel2: 756-8640 (Keith)

Simple Escapes

25 Baden Powell Street
Tel: 628-1283

Southern Guest House

159 Main Road
Tel1: 650-5200
Tel2: 650-4079
Tel3: 678-2317(Manager)

Spencational Place

Pelham Street
Tel: 320-6995

St Ann's (2 large double bedrooms Detached Annex)

Las Cuevas
Tel: 320-6995

St James Guesthouse

St. James
Tel: 320-6995

Success Inn Guest House

4 Sarah Street
Tel: 623-5504

Sundeck Suites

42-44 Picton Street
Port of Spain
Tel: 622-9560
Fax: 628-4707

Surf's Country Inn Bed And Breakfast

Tel: 320-6995

Thanna's Place

27 Erthig Road
Queen’s Park East, Belmont
Tel1: 621-3246
Tel2: 346-4651
Tel3: 467-0350

The Abercromby

101 Abercromby Street
Port of Spain
Tel: 623-5259
Fax: 627-6658

The Altamira Guest House

11 Roxborough Street
Diego Martin
Tel: 632-5905

The Caribbean Lodge

32 St Augustine Circular Road
Tel: 645-2937
Fax: 645-2358

The Guest Place

18 Quamina Street
St James, Port of Spain
Tel1: 727-3843
Tel2/Fax: 628-8049

The Nest

Cangrejal Road
Lower Santa Cruz
Tel1: 676-8841 (T&T)
Tel2: 212-947-0661 (USA)
Fax: 212-268-4955

The Saint's Host Home

355 Singh Street
Dinsley Village
Tel1: 640-4678
Tel2: 799-5223

The Villa Maria Inn

48A Preseverance Road
Maraval, Port of Spain
Tel: 629-8023
Fax: 629-8641

Tom's Place

Arapita Avenue
Tel: 320-6995

Toco (Beach House with pool overlooking the sea)

Toco Main Road
Ramalpanagas Village
Tel: 320-6995

Tony's Guest House
(2 Locations)

Papnis Drive
Petit Valley
Tel: 637-6178
Fax: 627-0856

#16 Quartz Drive
Diamond Vale
Tel: 763-4230
Fax: 632-0440

Trinicasa Apartments

Tel1: 632-1228
Tel2: 781-3044

Trinidad's Gingerbread House

8 Carlos Street
Tel: 627-8170
Fax: 625-6841

Trinidad Tourist Accomodations

32 Ariapita Avenue
Port of Spain
Tel: 627-7114

Unique Hotel Hideaway & Bar

3 Dam Road
Tel: 672-3315

Waterville Estates

Tel: 676-7057
Fax: 625-8781

Wello's Guest House

47 Luis Street
Tel1: 628-6232
Tel2: 628-1230

Valsayn Villa Guest House

34 Gilwell Road
Valsayn N
Tel: 645-1193
Fax: 645-1193

Yellow Poui Guesthouse

Gasparillo Road
Santa Cruz
Tel: 676-7037

·  outside of TnT, dial access number 1, plus area code 868



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